Unmukti is a word in Sanskrit that means deliverance.

At Unmukti, we specialize in development of network appliances and devices on popular pico sized and embedded hardware platforms using the best available FOSS software.

We strive to bring technology-based solutions to life in a cost-effective manner enabling our clients to conduct their business more effectively. These products have typically been identified where current alternatives lack either due to high price or technological deficiency.

While alternatives will be available for our products, we promise to be better in terms of service-response and hopefully better in terms of value-for-money.

At Unmukti, technology is just half the offering with the better half being the promise of a superior service response. We are based in New Delhi, India and can be reached at:

Unmukti Technology Pvt. Ltd.
490, DDA Pocket - 4
Sector - 11, Dwarka,
New Delhi - 110 075

Email: info (at) unmukti (dot) in

Phone: +91-11-4242-00-12
Sales Queries: +91-97171-600-30

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